Friday, December 30, 2011

and so that was christmas...

phew! i'm exhausted! how about you?
bb and i managed to get to 4 christmas dinners in just 2 days. 2 lunches, 2 dinners, 2 days, one heck of a lot of food! oh and a fair whack of driving too!
did you get caught in the storm on christmas day? we did a couple of times, once on the way to christmas dinner (thankfully bb's brother was driving in his 4wd, i think our car would've drowned), and then while we were waiting for dinner to be served (thankfully safe inside this time)

there was such lovely weather the next day. i spent lots of time sitting in the sun and hugging babies. boxing day lunch was pretty sweet.
boxing day dinner was quite the affair too, with spit roasted pork (well the whole pig actually...) and a very fun game of kris kringle, where we got the opportunity to steal other people's presents if we liked the look of them more. it turned out the boxes of chocolates we brought with us were a BIG hit.

and what did santa bring you this year? i was very spoilt as bb somehow managed to read my mind. there were two different perfumes wrapped under the tree and a delicious bottle of wine. my parents gifted us with choice, a gift card to spend on what we want!

we also received a truly ridiculous amount of chocolate and bb received a beer making kit from his mum (i'm not sure why, but i'm really excited about this...) and a kindle from his dad (also, quite excited).
overall, we're two very spoilt little kiddos!

did you get spoilt? and spend lots of time with your family?
and generally have a really great, albeit exhausting time??

merry christmas all!!!

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