Monday, December 5, 2011

day 4.

please excuse my lack of blogging yesterday. i was a little, under the weather... ahem. moving on...
i thought i'd share some of my favourite christmas ornaments, ones that have a story ;)

this one was one of the first ornaments bb and i bought to go on our tree. from an op-shop. we were poor students after all!
in fact, we didn't even have a tree when we bought this one, we had a dress mannequin, in a very pretty green dress!

this was an ornament that i was taught to make by a very lovely lady at a market where we were both selling items. i was selling jewellery and she was selling handmade christmas ornaments. i can't for the life of me remember how to make them as it was about a zillion years ago, but it's pretty and memorable none the less.

this was another handmade number. i guess the first i'd made that i'd be still happy to have on my tree. so simple but so pretty!

and this is the newest addition to my tree, from the lovely and thoughtful yvette!

what are your favourite ornaments?

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Yvette Adams said...

I'm sharing ornaments on my blog too! It's so much fun. :) I love the stories behind yours. I would love to see the mannequin tree! Do you have a pic?

I forgot to mention I used vintage buttons on the heart - I bought a HEAP from an oppie a few months ago. Loved seeing it in your post. :)