Thursday, December 8, 2011

day 8.

today has been a pretty rad day! my lovely bb set me up for a blissful morning of luxury.
he got me a lovely bath bomb and instructed me to have a good old soak when i woke up, after he'd left for work.

he'd then booked me in for a deep tissue massage in the city. the whole getting my kit off in front of a total stranger was tres weird but i'll feel better for the rub down in the long run :D

we then met up for lunch! bb was able to take a bit of a longer lunch break than normal which was lovely. we headed to one of our favourite places to eat, cookie.

yummy pork belly in red curry and a duck salad. oh and a pimms :D

the view was pretty nice too. lunch with a view, with nice company and amazing food. best.

i then headed home while bb finished work and we spent some nice relaxing time together when he got home.
all in all a pretty great day :D

what did you get up to today?

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Cas said...

he sounds like a keeper nicole!

Lea said...

sounds perfect! was there an occasion or just because...