Tuesday, December 6, 2011

day 6.

today, i started on getting everything into the frames i found yesterday. i even hung this one on the wall!

unfortunately, it didn't stay on the wall for very long. gah silly sticky hooks! one day i will own a house where i can put real hooks in the wall when and where i want to! one day...

and that 'find' i mentioned earlier...

this awesome lampshade! i drove past it three times, and convinced myself i didn't need it.
that was until this lady posted this photo! then i knew i had to pick it up!
so i have big plans for this one. but not until i finish some other projects i have on the go! focus nicole, focus!

also, have you entered my giveaway yet? you could win a very nice hand-knitted cushion! all you have to do is leave a comment on that post! easy as pie!


Yvette Adams said...

So you weren't just being polite about framing the teatowel! LOL. "Oh no!" to the broken frame!!!

I love the lampshade!!!!! You are going to crochet a cover for it aren't you? I loved those ones on Pip's blog!!

RobynLouise said...

What a shame about the broken glass! Having spent quite a few years renting before finally buying my first house I discovered some little picture hooks that nail in to the wall on an angle with slim little tacks about 3/4" long. It means that 2 or 3 have to be used to hang something like your big frame but when you leave the nails are easy to remove from the wall and leave a tiny hole about 3mm across. These minute holes can be filled with putty and a spot of paint dabbed on and you only need a sample pot of each (around 50mls) for it. I bought a pack of these little brass hooks at a hardware store so I hope they still make them. Sticky hooks are useless :(!