Tuesday, December 13, 2011

day 12.

i thought i'd share another of our christmas decorations today. or multiples of them...
bb and i bought these little tinsel trees just after we moved in together, in the post christmas sales.

i'm pretty sure we payed something ridiculous for them, like 50 cents a piece, but they're the perfect way of spreading some sparkly christmas goodness throughout our whole house!
this year they've taken up residence on the dining table, the bathroom shelf, the hallway table and our bed head.

also, have you entered my giveaway yet? you could win a very nice hand-knitted cushion! all you have to do is leave a comment on that post! easy as pie!
i also extended the deadline because i mayyy have forgotten to draw it on sunday. still time to join in :D

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PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Awwww, pretty. I need multiple tinsel trees!!!