Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - the revisit.

as i am want to do, earlier in the year, i made a list of things to-do this year. i thought that on this very last day of the year, i'd have a little revisit and see how i've done...
*warning - word heavy post*

the list

* keep the lawn under control - thanks to the purchase of a very cute little electric mower, this is actually happening. i don't mind doing the lawns anymore and neither does bb. we don't fight over who gets to do it or anything... it's just not quite the task that it was when the whole lot had to be whipper-snipped. and it looks much nicer too :D

* plant out the last of my planter boxes and grow some vegies worth eating. - i took some homegrown peas to my aunty and uncle's for lunch on christmas day. proud as punch!

* try and cook as many homemade dinners as possible in a week (so far i'm 5 for 5 :D) - this went ok. maybe 50-50. ok probably more than 50-50 but still not as great as i'd like... hopefully i'll keep a bit better track next year, more organisation!

* re-organise (and hopefully give a lick of paint to) all the cupboards (wardrobe, linen, crockery) - i managed to get the and the kitchen drawers too. not quite all of the cupboards in the kitchen as i would have liked... but there's always next year :D

* become better friends with my neighbours - i'm getting there with this one. a neighbour that i was getting quite close to, sold up and moved out earlier in the year. i've met the new home-owners, but they don't speak great english, maybe in the new year i can help them learn :D i'm embarrassed to say, that of the 5 units that are in my block, i still don't know the people that live in number 1. maybe i'll get to know them in the new year too, or at least introduce myself...

* make myself some clothes - i bought some patterns, does that count? no? damn.

* have people over for dinner more often - um, yes. this hasn't happened either actually. bad nicole.

* finish some of the unfinished embroidery/crafting projects lying around the house - i sorted them out a little. they now have their own drawer, at least i'll know where to find them when i feel like finishing them i guess...

* empty the "crap" box (not actually full of crap, just things that don't necessarily have homes) - i did start on this earlier in the year, i got it down to about half way. it is now chockers again.

* get a tattoo - nope. still haven't decided on a design that i'm ok with permanently inking on my skin. always thinking though...

* avoid putting on more weight. 58.9 or below this time next year. if i don't lose any, i'm cool with that, i just don't want anymore creeping on... - tick this one off the list. it's been higher through the year, it's been lower through the year, but this morning it was exactly the same.

* get crafty things happening. crafty things that could be put in some kind of online shop - still in thought production stage. i want to get some moo cards made, and some things knitted and crocheted and stitched, the time part is what's lacking...

* organise the paperwork. the boy and i have 4 super funds EACH. this needs to be rectified - one super account each. done and DONE. it took freaking forever but it's done. so much more to do in the new year though...

* read more - i think i read a grand total of 3 books this year. book list fail.

* go on a holiday with the boy, not a big one, just some time away together - done. easiest to-do ever :D

* not get caught up on what i should be doing, live in the moment a little more - this is perhaps the least measurable to-do. i don't think it went great though. i'm still always thinking about what i should be doing, washing, dusting, cleaning the floors, crafting. my brain never stops. i kinda find though that it's kinda like binge eating; the more that i have to do, the less i do. i'm wayyyyy more likely to slob on the couch and play games on my laptop if the house is falling down around my ears, just like i'm more likely to want to eat a massive amount of chocolate if i'm trying to be super good with my diet. i think it's more about the way i think about things... and that's what i should try and change. work in progress definitely.

* graduate - doooooooooone!

* take care of myself a little better - yeah this didn't really happen either. i still ate a whole lot of crap, drank a lot, exercised infrequently at best and got myself super stressed on multiple occasions. this is something i promise myself every year and it kind of seems like a pipe-dream resolution. i think again because it's not measurable. next year i think i'll only have measurable goals ;)

so that's the year's resolutions rehashed.
how'd you do with your resolutions? is there anything you're going to do differently next year?


Dee said...

Right, you've inspired me to dig out my list and see how I did......
Well done on what you acheived - I'm surprised sorting out those super accounts didn't take all year....(must do that!)
Have a very Happy New Year, Dee

Lea said...

I didn't have any resolutions cos I always get a big fat F anyway...I could relate to some of yours though. I also have way too many super accounts, unfinished projects arrghh and I definately need to look after myself better. You did great with some of yours and how awesome that you graduated! That's a big achievement. Happy New Year Nicole. I've enjoyed reading your blog this year:)