Wednesday, December 29, 2010

heirloom knits.

as i mentioned yesterday, i was VERY spoilt this christmas! and one of the fantastic gifts i received was this lovely book.

it was a gift from my boss no less. who says you can't have a good relationship with your boss ha ha?
i've been looking through it in any spare moments over christmas, and i think i've worked out my first project...

we so badly need a new bath mat, our old one is literally falling apart! hopefully this one will last a little longer, i'm pretty sure i bought the last one fairly recently, maybe last christmas. they don't make them like they used to :(

i've sussed the second project too. something a little bit pretty but a little less functional.
but sooooooooooo pretty!
they're going on the end of my very long to-do list... and i'm off to do some work on that list!
have a good wednesday!

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Kate said...

That looks like such a great book. I' going to have to hunt it down and check it out. We gave the guys that work here books for Chrissy too, I hope they would say we have great relationships.