Tuesday, November 25, 2014

taking stock.

taking some time to take stock today. answering a couple of prompts about what's going on around here at the moment.

Making: a pair of socks.

Cooking: nothing. dinner should be happening. but i'm holed up in bed instead.

Drinking: copious amount of water.

Reading: blog post after blog post. cleared out my reader this morning, there were posts from over a week ago, oops!

Wanting: the gusset decreases on the aforementioned socks to be done! sooooo slow!

Looking: out for the kitty. he's playing outside.

Playing: episode after episode of anything and everything. netflix has my heart.

Deciding: on whether to get the dishes done or not.

Wishing: there was a dishwasher fairy.

Enjoying: the new edition of pompom. i had a little read of it in the sun. too lovely.

Waiting: to hear from bb. he'll most likely be working late again tonight. poor thing.

Liking: lots of pictures on instagram. all of the hearts.

Wondering: when my oven will be fixed... it's been weeks!

Loving: and hating the fact that it's a month until christmas. scary and exciting all at once!

Pondering: new knitting projects. always and forever.

Considering: plans for the future. working out what kind of house to buy and whereabouts is super tricky!

Watching: new girl. and outlander. and gilmore girls. i can't commit to just one show!

Hoping: my brain plays nice this month, less severe headaches would be lovely.

Marvelling: at how dirty my floors are. gross.

Needing: to vacuum. and mop. and i need some energy to do those things ha ha.

Smelling: the jacket i was wearing last night to rescue the cat off the roof. in the rain. everyone talks about how smelly wet dogs are... wet cats... terrible.

Wearing: pyjamas. it's never too early for pyjamas.

Following: paul west on instagram. swooooooooooon.

Noticing: just how green everything is. the sunny days punctuated by rainy ones are making everything lush.

Knowing: that it is definitely bed time. Thinking: about the weekend after next, heading away for our anniversary.

Feeling: anxious as i haven't booked anything for the weekend away. eep!

Admiring: this blog series. lots of handmade gift ideas.

Sorting: out my ballet schedule. lots of classes to catch up on, only 3 weeks to get them sorted!

Buying: nothing. at this second.

Getting: sick of the facebook app on my phone. it doesn't get on with my phone at all.

Bookmarking: recipes. always.

Disliking: my silly scalp. psoriasis. not fun.

Opening: my new pompom magazine! i bought a subscription a few months ago and every issue is wrapped in tissue paper with a little handwritten thank you sticker on it. so cute!

Giggling: at gilmore girls. i'm really loving that show.

Feeling: a bit full. i popped into the city to have a most excellent lunch with a friend.

Snacking: on leftover cake from the tupperware party i went to on sunday. it was packed up in vintage tupperware *swoon*

Hearing: sampsons little bell jingling as he runs and plays outside. hopefully it keep the birdies nice and safe.

do you want to take stock too? pip has a blank list on her latest taking stock list if you want to play along!

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bec said...

Awww, poor dirty Murray! Too cute though, he loves the girls!