Thursday, May 15, 2014


the knit-a-long that the lovely georgie hosted recently is all done! well, to be honest, it was all done a good week or so ago, but i only just finished mine over the weekend...
and by that i mean i finished the knitting on the weekend...
the blocking was done on sunday, on the back seat of my car. left to dry as i drove from mum and dads, to my grandmas, to home in melbourne. and it mayyyyyy have stayed there until tuesday, oops!

and it was tuesday before i had a bit of a chance to pick out some buttons from my stash and wednesday before i could get them sewn on.

i love that these buttons, and this wool, were all from my stash! lots of stash busting happening over here ha ha!

this was another 137g out of my stash, which i'm keeping track of over on my side bar there ===>
do pop over and have a look how i'm going if you're reading in a feed reader, i'm loving looking at the numbers go up and up the more i knit!

what are you knitting at the moment? did you knit-a-long too?

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Tammy said...

I don't knit. Tried, but it didn't make sense to me. Continuing on with my little crochet projects at the moment. The sweater turned out great. I love that you kept it in the car til Tuesday. Oops! Something I totally would have done. And here, it would have been like a piece of cardboard after all that -- temps are 100 + every day. :) Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy