Friday, May 2, 2014

a tale of two sockies.

i thought i'd share the sock progress i've made over the last little while today...
i snapped the pictures this morning, before work, and well, it's taken me the rest of the day to get to putting words and pictures together!

i'm currently flirting with the idea of blogging every day in may, but that would take a huge amount more organisation that i can seem to muster at the moment. everything is kind of coming apart at the seams!
we'll see what happens i guess... but first, the socks!

the above little sock, is one i've knit for my cousin.
i got her to measure her feet the other day, but i haven't gotten my shit together enough to compare her measurements with the measurements of the sock to figure out whether this one will fit, or if i need to size up.
i think it's a combination of the aforementioned lack of organisation at present, and the fear that it will indeed be a little snug. i can fit it on my foot. just. if i breathe in a little...
thankfully, i was loaned some slightly bigger needles by this lovely lady, during the week. hopefully sizing up the needles will solve the fit issues!


the second sock i'm working on is for little old me!

i found a skein of wonderful wool in my stash when i was looking for wool for my cousins socks and knew that it too needed to become a lovely little pair of socks.

i'm using this pattern, and i'm loving how the small amount of pattern in them is keeping them interesting to knit.
and then there's the wool. it is SO lovely to knit with and i LOVE the colours so much. the colourway is called botanica and well, swoon.
so lovely.


i am literally itching to get knitted on these guys again, but there are a few things to get done before i can... a bit of knitting but a LOT of house and yardwork...

are you a sock-knitter? are you blogging every day of may too? are you in a complete state of disorganisation at the moment?


Lyndel said...

love the botanica sock. I think this cold weather is making us all a bit lazy/ disorientated. I can't get anything done at present, and this hacking cough is getting worse!!

Megan said...

I considered the blogging every day in May as well too, but I don't know that I would manage to keep it up either, although I am already blogging more than the first part of the year..

Cute socks, fingers crossed it fits your cousin and if not, well you have half of some gift socks ready for a petite footed friend.

Betsy said...

Beautiful socks. I love the color tones of the second one.

kgirlknits said...

Blogging everyday can be a lot of can also be exhausting! I reckon if you're already a bit frazzled it may not be the best of ideas ;-)

Love both socks, esp the yarn in yours