Monday, September 30, 2013

meal planning monday.

monday again. after a weekend in the country, i'm feeling a little all over the place, but i've got two whole days at home this week so that will help ground me again.
oh and a meal plan will help too!

tonight, i'll dig out some chicken kievs from the freezer. i'll cook up some asparagus to go with them as it should go well with them, but mainly because that's what's in the fridge! haven't had a chance to go shopping and couldn't think of anything worse than going after work tonight!

i'll get out and get some supplies tomorrow, so i can try something new! i might make up a pot of roasted garlic and potato soup (sfi june '02, pg 50). and some fresh crusty bread! hopefully that will be delicious enough for bb to realise that there's no meat ;)

i'm planning to spend wednesday at home, getting housey type things done and studying (12 assessment tasks left, 6 weeks) so i think i might whip up some pizza dough. home-made pizzas will go down a treat!

thursday night, i think i'll put together some salmon and noodle fritters (sfi october '02, pg 39). hopefully there'll be some leftovers to take for lunches!

last week, i never quite got that drunken pork in the slow cooker, so i might try that again for my late night at work!

this weekend is my weekend to work, which means i'll leave bb in charge of the cooking... hoping for a roast at least one night, preferably sunday, still haven't quite got that happening yet!

what are you eating this week? do you do a sunday roast at your place?

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Jodie said...

Sunday roasts are a given over here.