Wednesday, September 4, 2013

green love.

it is spring and it's not hard to tell!
the breeze wafts in the scent of jasmine through the front door and everything is looking verdant and lush. it's beautiful and everything is coming back to life!

my rose is looking leafy again, it's come a ways since last time, and i can't wait until those buds open!

my raspberry plant has enjoyed the fertilise i gave it a couple of weeks ago. the number of leaves has tripled since then! my fingers are firmly crossed for some fruit this year, though i have my doubts based on the fact i only planted it last year...

the pak choy i planted mid-way through winter is coming along in leaps and bounds! now if only i can stop the slugs and snails and caterpillars eating them, oh, and the bloody possums, maybe they'll be ready to harvest by the time we're back from holidays!

oh, and the beetroot i planted at the same time as the pak choy, it's decided to poke it's head up and say hello... i'm thinking i probably should've planted the seeds into a seed tray and transplanted them once they were a bit established. oh well, things to remember for next year!

also, my herb garden, it has EXPLODED! i think it was quite happy to get a bit of a fertilise too! must remember to keep doing that on a regular basis... especially since my worms have me in a VERY plentiful supply?

what's growing in your garden at the moment? is everything looking beautiful? do you use fertiliser on your garden? what do you use?


Reanna Clark said...

Oh I wish I had a garden! I'm unfortunately in a tiny apartment with little more than a minuscule balcony. I tried out some herbs in a few pots, but apparently I'm no good at starting a garden! This Spring weather is certainly inspiring me to try again though. Your garden looks amazing!

Lyndel said...

all my bulbs stolen, errrrr... liberated, from the old house have bloomed beautifully this Spring, and like you, my herbs are threatening to take over the garden. yipee.
Hope you 2 have a wonderful holiday, and return refreshed and ready to harvest your garden. x

Tammy said...

Hi Nicole,

Your herb garden sure has exploded. How wonderful! I hope someone will be watching things for you while you are away.

It is so humid here at the moment we can't even walk outside without feeling drenched. Really drains you of any energy. I come home from school and don't want to do much else.

Thank you so much for your surprise package. I certainly didn't expect anything else as the sewing kit was lovely. The knitted cloths are wonderful and although the chocolate melted, I ripped off the foil and just finished eating the whole thing, along with a cup of tea. :)

I've not been a very good blogger or visitor of late. With personal issues before the summer and then taking my son to college in the States -- I've been rather preoccupied but slowly trying to get back into the swing of things.

I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Hope you are having a lovely week. Tammy