Sunday, September 1, 2013


heck yeah! it's september and that means it's SPRING!
i've been looking forward to spring since about 2 weeks into winter, the cold, short days and lack of sunshine really got me down this year.

the weather today (and yesterday to be honest) was AMAZING! total spring weather! the clear crisp sunshine had me ridiculously energised and i bounced around all day today. i did 29430932184 loads of washing and the house is looking super tidy!

anywho, let's recap on august for a second...
i made plenty of meal plans (though not this week past, i well and truly fell off the home-cooking wagon, we had take-away/ate out every night!), knitted up some weenie socks, finished the granny stripe as well as milo #2 (though i just realised i never blogged it, lots of things like that at the moment!). oh and i fixed up my frames too! well technically, i finished them today... i'll share them a little later in the week :D
i missed a couple of things though, no bread got baked, the suitcase sat stagnant, i barely hand-wrote a word and my craft supplies are still ridiculously disorganised... so guess what's on my list this month?

finish socks? i may have cast on some new socks... for me this time! i'll share a bit more about them later in the week... while i'm on holidays! bb and i are jetting off to spend some time in the sun with some friends. i think it'll be the perfect thing to boost our energy levels but also get us nice and relaxed. i've found the last couple of months at work quite stressful so hopefully i come back a bit more like myself :D

hopefully i get lots of stuff done off the list! particularly the study part, i've got an end date now, i just have to get everything done before it! wish me luck!

what are your plans for the month? did you get some sunshine today too?

ps. happy father's day! i keep forgetting because my parents set off on a big adventure early this morning! i don't even know how to get in contact with my dad ha ha!

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