Sunday, September 29, 2013

little lovelies

every week, i try and share a little list of lovely things that have happened throughout the week in my neck of the woods, to try and keep myself looking on the bright side of things.

arranging and then re-arranging my hexies is keeping a big fat smile on my face this week.

i popped them into a box, to keep everything together, but then found them a new home today while i was shopping at the kongwak market. it's a beautiful vintage case that with a little bit of love, should be the perfect home for my hexies as my collection grows and grows!

on wednesday, i went past my mailbox and couldn't believe how full it was!

all of these were crammed in there! wool for me, wool for my mum and some fabric for hexy-ing. pretty fabulous!

during the week, i had a bit trim of my herb garden as they were getting super out of control!

i created a little drying line in my kitchen (excuse the mess, keeping it real yo!). brings a little greenery indoors and they'll be SUPER convenient to use for cooking!

i've just gotten back from a little visit to my parent's place. i do so love getting down to the country, even if just for a night.
the drive is always great for clearing any nonsense in my head. well once i get out of the burbs and into the green hills anyway...
it's good to catch up with the animals too...

the cat was super happy for me to be there. or maybe just for the opportunity to sleep on something different. suuuuuuuch an idiot! my bag was SO lumpy! silly kitty!

what's been making you smile this week? do you have an out of control herby patch too? or a silly, uncomfortable sleeping kitty?


Cathie said...

hallo, hallo!! missing you! looks like your week has been filled with lots of loveliness.
sending you hugs & hope to get on that hexie bandwagon too!

Karen said...

Those gorgeous hexies look just like some that I was 'making' this week!! It's nice to get out of the city isn't it.

Sally said...

Adoring your hexies big time... loving the packages full of yarn too. Good times indeed.