Thursday, September 19, 2013


lately, i've been working on a couple of house organisation type things...

i wrote in my monthly to-do list that i wanted to get my crafty stuff organised and i've FINALLY made a start!

i spent an afternoon pulling everything out, reorganising stuff and then putting it away.
oh, i also got rid of a fair bit of stuff...

i've packed almost everything into boxes, mostly old shoe boxes, which i intend to pretty up a little...

they're looking a bit plain and boring at the moment.
i bought these brass label plates to help me be able to find what i need, when i need it.
they should look really great when they're finished!!

i've also been working my way through the enormous pile of cooking magazines i seem to have accumulated over the years (some of them my mum gifted to me last time i visited, some of them are from 2002!!)
i've been going through the magazines and picking out recipes that i can actually see myself cooking, photographing them, editing them down, and keeping them in a database on my computer.

hopefully i can slowly whittle down this pile of magazines, shipping them off to the op-shop when i've gleaned all of the interesting recipes out!

i'm hoping this will give me a really great resource to help with my weekly meal plans.
some of these magazines have sat unused for years! they tend to be so full of 'samey' recipes and ads that i can't be bothered looking through them to find something good!

what have you been up to around the home? getting any spring cleaning type stuff done? how do you sort your recipes?

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