Thursday, September 26, 2013

well heeled.

after a successful bit of knitting over the weekend just gone, i managed to complete the heels on both of my socks!
it was the part of sock knitting that i was most dreading... i had awful trouble with the short rows that were part of the pattern for the jumper that i knitted for bb.
thankfully though, the tutorial for these socks explained it SUPER clearly.

i had a little trouble in that i did half of the heel for one sock, and then couldn't remember where i was up to... but once i sat down, frogged out what i'd started on, and then started again, i had both heels completed within an hour or so.
big load off my mind now :D oh and the next pair should be an absolute cinch!

now to get the top part of the socks done... ankle socks anyone?

have you ticked anything tricky off your to-do list lately? is there something you've been putting off?


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

The only thing I've been putting off lately is cleaning. :) Your socks surely are coming along. Nice work! Tammy

Ana BC said...

well, congrats! knitting sock looks so difficult, but yours look great :-)