Friday, September 20, 2013

crafty hijinks.

last sunday, i spent the afternoon in ballarat with 48 other bloggy, crafty ladies.
the event, aptly named crafty hijinks was organised by these two...

the wonderful jodie and the fantastic gillian!

their planning and organisation resulted in the BEST day!
i met lots of bloggers who i'd only known online, and got SO inspired to get to doing some other crafty bits!

chatting with lara on the trip there about all things garment sewing inspired me to pick up this pattern from the "swap table", a genius idea whereby folks brought things along to destash, and then you could take your pick! i took along almost everything i destashed on my big crafty re-organisation, and saw some of it go to new homes :D

i also watched jodie in rag-rug action and am super inspired to give one of those a go too!

thankfully, there were lots of cotton-y bits and pieces left on the swap table which i picked up as everyone was packing up and leaving. i'm looking forward to getting my slice on and then getting started... but AFTER my craft re-organisation is done i think! one project at a time nicole!

i got super inspired in the lead up to the event, and made plans to start on yet another crafty endeavour! but i'll share that one soon... it has me so inspired that it needs a post all of it's own ;)

there were lots and lots of ladies that came together to make sunday awesome, as well as jodie and gillian, there were heaps of sponsors and donators of cool things that meant, everyone won a door prize and a chockers goody bag, and there were some SUPER awesome raffles to enter too! there is a bit of a list of all the wonderful contributors here if you wanted to find out more!

all in all, it was a freaking fabulous day! a super way to spend a sunday :D

what new crafty endeavours have you been inspired to start lately?


Jodie said...

it was freakin fabulous, and it only took till it was all over to get my social media aligned and figure out who you are !!!!!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow! That looks like a fantastic event. Always nice to share and create with likeminded folk. I especially like the idea of a swap through destashing. Fantastic! Look forward to seeing what crafty hijinx you are up to. Best wishes for a great weekend, Tammy

Sue Niven said...

I loved meeting you, Those delightful Christmas Crafty bits were so cute, I will be doing them with my little group of Crafternooners later on.

Mistea said...

Looking forward to hearing more about this event on Wednesday. Sounds like you all had lots of fun.