Wednesday, April 10, 2013

a great day.

around this time last week, i was posting about how shitty my day had been... not this week!

i started the day with a little lie-in before setting off with a work colleague to get some exercise in for the day.

we headed up to the dandenongs, to run the infamous 1000 steps!
we ended up walking, at quite a slow pace, the lyrebird trail...
turns out, we're not very good at reading signs...
we walked DOWN the 1000 steps on the way back

there were a LOT of tired looking people heading up. eep! i do still want to try it out though... glutton for punishment! luckily, it's a pretty beautiful place to be!

after we'd traipsed back down the steps, we headed a bit further up the mountain, in the car this time though, to sassafras, for brunch.

i had this delicious looking baguette! we then had a bit of a wander around, looking around the local shops.
it was great fun!

a bit of work to get done in the afternoon, both around the house, and for my job, and then i was off for a bit of a knit and natter at a fortnightly craft group, where i had another delicious meal out!

oh, and some dessert!

not a bad day at all!!

oh and before i forget... today's a month of prompt is cream...

this is a dress bb's mum bought me for christmas! isn't it gorgeous? i've got it hanging up so i remember to take it and get it altered... 4 months into the year, i still haven't remembered... oh well!

how was your day? have you got things lingering on your to-do list you keep forgetting about?


Ana BC said...

wonderful news :-)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

My kinda day! I definitely would have tackled the steps. Best wishes, Tammy

Polly said...

Gorgeous dress.

Lea said...

Looks amazing Nicole. Some gorgeous shots and I love your dress.