Thursday, November 1, 2012

november & a creative space.

despite blogging every day this past month, i think october was the quickest month so far!
is it just me that's finding each month goes quicker than the last?

anywho, i achieved almost all of my october goals... the accountability of blogging every day definitely helped with that, i HAD to get stuff done so i had something to blog about!

which is definitely why i've decided to play along with kirsty in her "a month of my creative space"

so a second month of daily blogging. yep. it's going to be awesome!
there's a prompt everyday so that'll help me stay motivated... plus there's lots for me to do!

there's the second last month of bamcal squares to complete. i'm getting super excited for it to be done!
i want to get those side tables painted too, they were one of the things that slipped through the cracks this past month...
i want to get some more things happening in my backyard too, it's slowly coming together which is lovely! i've got a whole lotta seeds planted and i can't wait for them to start popping up!


i'm also trying to get back into running!
i haven't been running regularly since august and i bloody well miss it!
i'm trying to get a bit interactive with it too! i'm using the hashtag #runinnovember on twitter and instagram, so if you're interested and playing with those platforms, pleas join in!
i'm hoping the interactivity will keep me a bit more accountable and get me off my butt!!

now for today's prompt, a creative space...

wherever this little carpet bag is, that's where my creative space is...
there's a couple of projects on the go, my needles and hooks, some magazines, notebooks, sample cards and bits and pieces of wool!
a very inspiring bag of tricks :D

are you joining in with a month of my creative space?
or perhaps just playing along with today's creative space


Steph @ this brown wren said...

I've been hunting over hill over dale for a knitting basket like that one! Mmmm I must be close! Good luck on the running (being a runner too...well not so much at the moment) I can completely understand how you miss it. Wishing you a lovely Friday.
Steph :) x
(from mon petit poppet)

Maxabella said...

I'm attempting to join in. I think I will probably run out of steam at about day 5, but surely I can do better than that!?!

I like your carpet bag... I always wondered what one is. x

Maxabella said...
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Car said...

Im not joining in, November = NaNoWrIMo and I stated writing at 8:3pm last night word count above average for day 1 - call me crazy now!

plus my creations this month are all secret squirrel for gifts ;)

GL with the blogging and the running :)

Cas said...

yay with the running. im trying to get back into it too post surgery (oh & the post cold & darkness after 5-any more excuses!!)its funny how you miss it, i certainly do :) good luck with the progress.

Judy said...

Go Nic!! Look forward to hearing your updates..