Monday, November 12, 2012

from above.

today's a month of my creative space prompt is from above.
so here's what i'm doing right now...

eating curry for dinner, flipping through frankie, and blog posts, and doing a few lazy sweater sleeve stitches.

i broke one of my knitpro needles on saturday night, so the little softie i started last week is well and truly on the backburner.
one day i'll stop being so clumsy...

and because it's monday, i thought i'd share my meal plans for the week too!

tonight, we had a red chicken curry. i threw it together before my hair dressing appointment and then left bb to serve up and clean up while i was getting pampered, bit cheeky :D

tomorrow night is date night, and we'll definitely be going out! i've just found out bb will need the car all day tomorrow and i'll have cabin fever after spending all day at home alone!

wednesday night, i'll pop some chicken kievs in the oven, and serve them with a huge mound of salad, before i jet off to ncb for some stitches, chocolate cake and a zillion laughs!

and thus ends the meal planning for the week... a good friend is having a special event :D and i'll be keeping myself busy keeping her sane/distracted/drunk and all around helping her celebrate!

what are you up to this week?

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