Friday, November 9, 2012


today's prompt for a month of my creative space is colour!
and i thought i'd share a little project that i cast on last night at brown owls...

i'm knitting up a little softie for mirabel
there's not a lot of colour in it, it's mostly white, but there's little flecks of colour.
i'm thinking it should be PERFECT for a little littly :D

and just a little bit of housekeeping too, while i'm thinking about it...

the giveaway i started on the last day of blogtoberfest, is actually still open.
i've got 4 sewing kits to give away, and i've only had 2 entries!
the next 2 comments will also be winners :D

aaaaaaaand, way back in march (!), i signed up for a pay it forward gifty type thing, and i've just realised, no one has commented for me to send a gift to them!
pop over to this post and leave a comment for me to send you a lovely little gift in the post :D

what have you been up to today? have you entered any giveaways? are you making a softie for mirabel?

1 comment:

Sally said...

Love that yarn... so looking forward to seeing what you're knitting up :)