Friday, November 16, 2012

i made it myself.

i've blogged about this many times, but one of my proudest crafty moments, was finishing this...

bb and i love our ripple, it's lived on the end of our bed aaaaaalllll winter!
it's almost time for it to go away for the summer which is a bit sad, but it'll be ready to go once the weather gets cools again?

what have you made yourself?

ps. apologies about the cat hair, sampson will sleep on ANYTHING! including (not surprisingly) super comfy blankies :D

1 comment:

Car said...

Looks fabulous! I took my ripple to the bedroom last night (huge storm overhead) turned around to find Buddy (dog) making himself comfortable and rearranging it and rearranging it around himself - hook, wool and all ;)