Wednesday, November 7, 2012

makes you think.

today's prompt for a month of my creative space is 'makes you think' and boyyyyyy do i have something that is making me think!

i'm working on this project at the moment and have almost finished the back section.
however, i've come up to this part...

and i am COMPLEtELY stumped!
as far as i can tell, it says to cast off 9 stitches, knit and leave the last 13 stitches on a holder, then cast off the first 4 stitches of the "middle" bit , knit until the final 9 stitches and cast them off too.
then go back to the stitches i've got on the holder (13 of them) and bind off the center 18, WAIT WHAT?

confused would be the understatement of the century!

so does anyone out there speak knitting pattern? i would DEFINITELY appreciate any advice :D


Cas said...

yep, got me fooled as well?? no idea?? feel very stoopid i do!

Mary said...

Unless I read it wrong, it is having you work on one side only to shape the back neck, putting the stitches for the other shoulder on the holder to work separately, in reverse.

First, you bind off the stitches that will become the underarm (9), knit the next 13 stitches, place the remaining stitches on a holder (for the other side- sounds like it should be 29-31 stitches on the holder, 16-18 for center back and 13 for the other shoulder) and turn. You are now working on only one side of the piece.{this is where the problem is} Bind off 4 stitches at the beginning of the next row (for the center back neck shaping?) then bind off the remaining (9) stitches (for the shoulder? end.) -That does use the 13 stitches on the needle, but it doesn't make a shaped shoulder.-

Usually, a little shaping happens on the back neck, and more shaping on the armhole side, over a few rows. This just lifts the shoulder one row. May be right, but why wouldn't they just say bind off all 13 stitches? The problem is that you are not building any shoulder shaping.

Can you post a picture of the back neck of the sweater? It would help to know what it is supposed to look like when it is done.