Wednesday, November 7, 2012

know your roots.

yesterday's prompt (yep, still running a day behind... maybe i'll catch up today :D) for a month of my creative space was know you roots.

so i thought i'd share some photograms i made as part of my vce assessment piece.

i was using the theme of homage, and this was a bit of a nod to my roots.

the watch with the knitting was my great grandmothers, as were the spoons, one for each of my grandmother's children, and were gifted to me by my maternal grandmother. the knitting also reminds me of her as well, she's always got a project on the go.
the glass bowl, full of sweets, is a tip of the hat to my paternal grandmother. the only diabetic i know that ALWAYS had a container FULL of lollies on her counter top. the bowl came to me via her as well.

beautiful memories, encapsulated on my living room wall. always within reach :D

1 comment:

Cas said...

what a lovely thing to have :) love the diabetic with lollies, at least youre always gauranteed to be the favourite grandparent!! i wonder, was she?