Sunday, November 11, 2012

a time saver and someone else's creative space.

i've decided to cheat a little today, and combine yesterday and today's a month of my creative space prompts.

first up, a time saver

this morning, i attached velcro to the underside of our hallway rug, and then attached sticky velcro to the tiles.
i think i re-adjust the rug approximately 12984301 times a day so this actually saves me a ridiculous amount of time :D

and now, someone else's creative space.

this is bb's desk. i don't think a lot of creativity happens here...
mostly just playing games and wasting time on the internet ha ha, who am i to judge though...

and, i still have 1 sewing kit to giveaway, just pop over here to comment. the next comment will be the final winner :D

and there are 2 places left in the pay it forward program :D

lots of things happening over here ha ha!

what have you got happening this weekend? what little things do you do to save yourself time?


Cas said...

the velcro is a brilliant idea. mine moves too with the kids skidding around the corners. i have non slip mat under which works fairly well, but might give velcro a go :)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

There's a runner in our living room and a small carpet in the hallway that constantly require readjustment after our cat has had a crazy spastic run through the house. :) Never thought of using velcro. When I looked at the sewing kit comments, it looked to me like you already had your 4. Hope you had a lovely weekend. Tammy

Sally said...

Loving the velcro idea aswell... although I'm guessing my hamstrings and core strength benefit from all that bending over to re-adjust ;)