Saturday, November 17, 2012

from a distance.

today's a month of my creative space prompt is 'from a distance' so i thought i'd share this shot of my backyard.
i used the panorama feature on my phone, and i think it came out quite well considering i'd not used it before!

i stood up on my fence to take it, and it gives a good idea of the shape and layout of the yard.
you can see my tangle of passionfruit, colourful flower box, window box of strawberries, mini-barrow of mint, various pots with herbs, trees and seedlings, the grapes, now featuring beans and peas in their lower levels, the jasmine right back to the fence full of ivy!
it also makes me realise, just how badly the lawn needs a trim!

what have you been looking at from a distance recently? how's your yard/garden looking this spring?

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