Thursday, October 25, 2012

my creative space.

today, i'm working on a new project, because i got this one finished earlier in the week!

that brings my total of finished garments to two this month, TWO! can you believe it?
i can't ha ha!

so today, i'm starting something new...

a tension square for a project i promised bb months ago!
if he's lucky, i'll be done by winter of next year! i think this one'll definitely be a sloooooooow knit!

what are you creating today in your space? join in over here!


Steph said...

You clever thing!! I've just found you on ravelry now! Yay!! And what a good girl you are doing a tension swatch. Hope you a have a magic day. :) x

Mistea said...

Nice - Love the way your wrap looks.
Maybe mine will be finished one day??

Enjoy the pretty green and those gorgeous needles.