Tuesday, October 9, 2012


over the weekend, i came across this...

it was while i was waiting for bb to exit the bathroom, so i figured, why not?

i got through about 5 minutes before bb exited the bathroom, and then proceeded to make fun of me!

i felt like a bit of a tool, and it was starting to feel a bit hard, so i stopped.

even though i just thought it was a silly thing to waste 5 minutes doing, BOY am i sore!
who'd have know i really don't use my back/side muscles that much!
i'm also feeling a little pathetic because i didn't even get halfway through the video!

definitely setting this as an end of month goal, i WILL get through this video. even if it kills me!

what fitness goals have you set yourself lately? do you want to play along and try this video out?
put some cool music on and shake that thing :D

1 comment:

Karen said...

I think my girls would like to join me in this!! Looks like fun and if we get a workout as well then that's a bonus too.