Wednesday, October 3, 2012

quality time.

i had today off from work, and with the weather being fabulous, i thought it'd be a good idea spending some quality time...

first, i caught up with my brother. i helped him out with some filming he needed done for a uni project.

when we were done, we jumped in my car and went and visited my grandma!
our great aunt and uncle were there when we arrived so we got to catch up with them too :D

i then got home, and after quickly throwing together some dinner (a heavily modified pete evans recipe for butter chicken) i spent some quality time in my backyard!

boy does it need a lot of work, but i kept it nice and simple and got some spring seeds planted!
beans and corn and snow peas and rocket and basil and a lettuce mix

can't wait for them to start poking their little heads up!
and more importantly, i can't wait to serve these up for dinner!!

what did you get up to today in the lovely sunshine?

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Wombat's Picnic said...

We sooo need to get onto our spring planting - maybe a task for keeping the kids busy today:) Cyndy