Sunday, October 14, 2012


today, while i was catching up on reading blog posts in bed, i came to a horrible realisation...

for the last couple of weeks, whenever i've received a blog comment, i've cursed and cursed when i can't reply due to the commenter not leaving an email address to reply to!
then this morning, after reading cam's post, i was lead to carmel's post, and realised, I was a NO-REPLY BLOGGER TOO!

due to changing to a google plus account as my blogger id, i'd automatically become a no-reply blogger!
what's more, i had no idea how to fix it!
i followed this post, to put things right. now i'm off to have a play with my google plus settings to see if i can get it to work!


something to leave you on though...
a quote i came across via here.

you are never too old to seat another goal, or to dream another dream.

isn't it lovely?
happy sunday!

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sascedar said...

i didn't even know there was such a thing as replying to comments via email until this week, when i changed my email address in google. voila! lovely people talking to me. very nice indeed. might have to work out how to do that back. :)sarah