Monday, October 15, 2012

meal planning monday.

phew! i made it through my massive week at work last week, and managed not to get take away too many times, thanks to my meal plan!
yesterday though, instead of having a roast, i bought some fresh mince and made some burgers. it was far too warm to have the oven on all day!

but now, for the week ahead...

tonight, i'll be making that soba noodle salad, i had planned for last wednesday. a late night for bb at work, meant we ate dinner separately. i think i had a sandwich :| but second time's the charm, right?

tomorrow night, bb has requested indian. so i think we might head over to our local, stopping off for a bottle of wine on the way... sounds fab!

for wednesday night, i've got some delicious looking pork chops from the butcher. a little caramelisation in a frying pan, and then into the oven and they'll be amazing!

thursday night, i'll cook up some lamb cutlets, and serve them up with a fennel and orange salad. can't wait!

friday night, there's a certain market event happening in melbourne town. i think i'll be grabbing some dinner before/after/during browsing and shopping the stalls...

saturday night, is party night! toasting the last hurrah to a friend's single life before she ties the knot next month. things could get messy!

and on sunday, i'm anticipating something greasy. and a lot of time spent in bed 'resting'

what are your plans for the week ahead? new recipes to try?

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Dee said...

That burger looks SO good.

I'm very much looking forward to Finders Keepers as well !