Saturday, October 6, 2012

a wee finish.

a few weeks ago, actually more like months, my boss asked me if i could whip up a little something for his wife, a tea cosy!
now i'd never made one before, so it needed a little thinking over...

fast forward a month or so, and ta-da!

it's done! and ravelled.

i just hope it fits their tea pot!

have you finished any thing up recently?
or had your boss ask you to make anything?


Sally said...

Oh I do love that tea cosy. We went to the Royal Show this week and my partner caught sight of some wonderful tea cosies that he'd like to have... I told him I'd give it a go if he bought me a tea pot!!!

Mistea said...

The boss will now have a very well dressed tea pot.

I finished a little sock today - oops!

Happy Sunday.

Karen said...

That is so cute that your boss asked for it!
Love the colours Nic, clever you.

Anonymous said...

Oh! More puss-cats! Beautiful.

Larissa said...

It's absolutely gorgeous! I'd be proud to put it on my teapot :)