Saturday, October 20, 2012

finder's keepers - the haul.

last night, brianna (basically blogless), and i, went for a little trip to finders keepers.
and it was pretty fabulous!

it'd been ages since i'd been. weekend shifts at work had meant that i'd missed the last one (and basically missed the one before too...) but i thoroughly enjoyed the new location :D much closer to public transport and i didn't get the horrible feeling someone might shove me and i'd end up in the murky waters of docklands!

as usual, i was a little too busy, to actually take photos of any stalls or anything really at all...

with the exception of my drink. with all of the crowds around, it helped calm me down a little ha ha!
i really don't deal well with people in my personal space...

being the first time i'd visited the market since finishing university (and hence, no longer being a poor uni student) i actually got to make a few purchases!

i found the frankie stall quick smart and popped a copy of their 50th issue AND the new diary into my bag.

i bought the diary last year (for this year) and it's been the only diary in my life's history that i've used ALL year! probably because it's so full of cute things

i also found a couple of super lovely sweet william prints. adorable!


these super cute ombre socks from printink studio

they're going to go perfectly with my new work uniform!!!

we finished up, finding beatbox kitchen and having a delicious dinner...

under the stars!

how's your weekend going so far? are you heading to finders keepers?

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Cas said...

oh, i was so restrained at not going, but now im super super jealous :) great purchases (& yes i agree about the better location)