Thursday, October 4, 2012

my creative space.

despite the weather, my creative space today is heavy on the wool. let's be honest, when is it NOT!?!

i started a new commuter project tuesday night, so i had something to do while taking the bus this morning...

it's another farmer beanie and taking from the lessons i learnt from the last one i made, i've cast on 72 stitches this time :D

and for tonight, when i've gotten home from work...

there's a big ball of wool waiting, with my trusty 4.00mm hook, for the new bamcal squares for october.

my reversible wrap is currently out of wool, so while i wait for it to arrive, i thought i'd better make a start on the new squares :D

what are you creating today in your space? join in over here!

1 comment:

Mistea said...

After last night and the bus ride that will be looking a lot like a beanie.

Enjoy the gorgeous yarn and hook project.