Monday, October 8, 2012

meal planning monday.

a week off from meal planning last week meant we ended up eating a fair amount of take-away.
while it was delicious, and quite lovely to have the pressure off on the kitchen front, i always get this horrible sense of guilt!

but i'm back on the bandwagon today! bb and i had the weekend off together, and after getting some visiting done on saturday, yesterday we spent the day at home, getting a few things done. most important of which was the grocery shopping!
i've got a big work of week coming up this week and i really, REALLY wanted to be organised on the meal front :D

tonight, i've got all the fixings for taco night! soft tortillas, leafy greens, spicy sauces, an avocado for some guacamole and some beef mince too!
all that needs doing is a little prep and a bit of a fry off of that mince. easy peasy.

tomorrow night is normally date night... but i forgot that in my super organising mind set yesterday afternoon! i've got some delicious rolled and stuffed chicken breasts planned. they're super easy and super yummy and they'll go perfectly with a big, green, fresh salad! AND black swan on dvd. dinner and a movie, the perfect date night ;) wednesday night, i'm opting for a meat free option. i found this recipe via this post and figured that would be something delish that the man of the house wouldn't miss meat in. wish me luck!

thursday night is my late-working night this week. and the slow-cooker will be out in force!
i came across this recipe a few weeks ago on pinterest and boyyyyyy did it get my mouth watering. will be absolutely amazing to come home to!

friday night, i'm hoping to meet up with a friend for dinner. not sure of where or what yet, but i'm sure we'll find somewhere delish!

saturday night heralds the end of my six day work week. i'll probably collapse on the couch and nap a while. and then awake and demand bb take me somewhere fancy for dinner. more than likely the new mexican place that just opened in our immediate area. fingers crossed they have big margaritas with lots of tequila :D

sunday will most definitely be a home-body day. i intend to spend a bit of time in the kitchen. not cooking, but painting. but while i'm there, i could possibly get some kind of roast in the oven to cook away nice and slowly....

do you have eating plans for the week? or are you more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your pants kind of person?

the home of meal planning monday