Saturday, October 27, 2012


today, i thought i'd play along with the lovely maxabella, and write a little grateful post.

whenever you're feeling a little down and under the weather (which i am, thank you MASSIVE day at work) it always helps me to get a bit of perspective by having a bit of a think about what i am truly grateful for.

so today i am thankful for my job. some days it is hard (like today) but other days it is fabulous. it also puts food on the table and keeps a roof above our head and enables us to save money in a less than favourable economic climate.
it also gives me something productive to do with my days, putting into perspective how important my time off from work is :D

i'm grateful too, for that brilliant flower above, who could be sad when there's a beautiful bloom (actually several!) like that sitting on the windowsill in your kitchen.

what are you grateful for this week? join in over here!


Cas said...

mmm, so nice to be reminded :) thankyou. im grateful for so much that im not sure one would top the list over the other.

Sarah Leonard said...

I love the lovely flower - it's such a gorgeous colour. I find that little things like flowers can really lift my spirits :)

Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

nicole said...


Maxabella said...

They're beautiful blooms. I'm glad you joined in this week, Nicole. It's always lovely to see someone new. Your perspective on work is terrific - it's tough, but often so worth it. x

Unknown said...

I completely agree. Sometimes I have a really hard day and resent my job... then I stop for a minute and remember to be grateful for it.