Monday, February 1, 2016

day one - february.

ok so it is the first of feb... an entire month into the new year already... where exactly did that month go?

i had this grand idea, that i might try my hardest to blog every day this month... being the shortest month and all, what a cinch!
however, i'm currently overseas! sans laptop. blogging from my phone is always a little tricky (apologies for any weirdness in the formatting of this post!)
we'll just see how i go i guess ha ha!

i feel like i have lots to blog about this month, lots to catch you all up on from the last couple of months. fingers crossed i can get it together!

there are a few big things on the agenda this month. i've got a knitting project that i'm hoping to get off my needles and onto my body AND i'm lined up to teach a couple of classes on crochet this month. i'm equal parts excited and nervous ha ha.

hopefully i'll be back here tomorrow!


Zena said...

I love the peak of your little ensemble. I wanted to become a regular blogger this year but of course my laptop is not speaking to my camera or my computer at the moment.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I have never figured out how to blog from my phone. Have been asked to maybe teach crochet classes but not sure about it as I'm certainly no pro. Happy February!