Tuesday, February 2, 2016

day two - second.

my second finish of the year wasn't one of those on my to-be-finished list... it was an all new project. a procrastinatory project if you will.
you see, i'd just realized i had forgotten to include a whole heap of shaping into the garment i'd been working on, so naturally, rather than tackling the bull by the horns, i put my hand up to knit this little blouse for work. with a tight, two week deadline. as you do....

the emmer top, is written by sarah hatton, and features in the book 'simple shapes, summerspun and purelife revive'
it's knit up in the purelife revive, a dk cotton/silk/viscose blend, with all of the fibers being from recycled sources.

this little blouse, knit up incredibly quickly! i managed to churn it out in a week and a half, though it was the only thing i was working on for that time...

when i spotted this pattern in the book, i was a little worried about how the neckline would sit. on the model in the book, it seemed a bit gapey, and i thought it might flap open at inopportune moments ha ha.
i think it definitely sits ok though, and i'm seriously contemplating making this little number up again... or potentially absconding with this sample version ha ha.

have you finished anything recently? what's been your quickest garment project ever?

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Zena said...

I think the top turned out great! I like how it fits on the shoulders. In fact this pattern is like the perfect cotton top I like. Hmm I can't tell you quickest but I can tell you the longest - a cardigan sitting in a basket for 2 years simply because I was put of by the button band.