Tuesday, February 9, 2016

day nine - up before the birds.

getting back from new zealand on sunday has left me with reverse jet-lag. i'm ready for bed by 8pm, and am up and ready to face the world by 6am.
that means the last two mornings, i've been awake before the birds have even woken up!

i don't think it's necessarily a bad thing, so think i might be setting an alarm in the future, to keep up my early rising.

capturing the morning light is quite hard though...

a steaming mug of green tea with a slice of banana bread with walnuts

particularly through the kitchen curtains... maybe it's time to give those windows a clean too ha ha!

i'm loving having a little stash of banana bread in the freezer to work through. although i'm sure it's not the healthiest breakfast i can come up with, it's better than forgetting to eat all together!
and when my little stash is done with, i'm sure i'll make up another batch too. sorting through the freezer yesterday revealed quite the stash of bananas in there!

while my tea cooled, and my bread thawed, i took the time to get to watering...

spraying water onto the base of multiple corn plants

the plants in my back and front gardens and just thriving. note to self: take you all on a little tour someday soon!

this early bird surely did get the worm this morning!

a pair of perfect homegrown strawberries

two freshly ripe strawberries. they didn't last long before being devoured, a little sweet pre-breakfast treat!

are you an early riser? what's your favourite morning routine?

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