Wednesday, February 10, 2016

day ten - today.

being back home, the realities of keeping up with all of the housework are flooding back...
this is a little what today will look like around here...

four loads of washing, sitting on the couch, needing to be folded and put away

mt. washmore will be conquered. having done four loads of washing on our arrival home on monday has led to this. phew!
it definitely needs to move though as this couch converts to a bed, and that bed has a guest tonight.
fold, fold, fold!

i did a dumb thing and failed to give the bathroom a good clean before we left. heck, i didn't even give it a light clean!

enjo bathroom glove, drying cloths and tub of marble paste

the enjo is coming out to play and the bathroom will be getting a super deep clean!

and this last one, well compared to the other two, it will be an absolute cinch.

a not-so-thin layer of dust on the dashboard of the car

this layer of dust has been taunting me for ages. so simple and easy to get rid of it, but do i do it?
today it's happening. i'm heading off to visit my folks and i do NOT want to be looking at a layer of dust for the 90 minute journey there, and the same when i return on the weekend. NOT HAPPENING!

in fact, when i went out to the car to take the above snap, i took my dust glove too.
it's done! tick it off!

scintillating stuff over here today eh?
i felt if i wrote it down, maybe i'd be a bit more accountable and get it done!
oh and anyone who is wondering why i'm doing all this myself? what bb is doing? he's on the lawn mowing, vacuuming and the dishes today!
clean house here we come!

do you ever need to make yourself accountable with your chores? are you an enjo fan?

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Zena said...

I'm an enjo fan so I don't know why I have that layer of dust on my dashboard forever. Everytime I get in the car I sigh but then when we get home between getting the kids out and the shopping or bags and swimming gear I forget!