Thursday, February 4, 2016

day four - honeymooning.

after trawling through my phone last night, i realized i had a whole bunch of honeymoon photos i most definitely hadn't shared over here yet...
so please bare with me, while i share a whole heap of photos!!

flying into beautiful brisbane, our first stop and where we spent three of our nine honeymoon nights.

we were greeted with treats once we arrived and checked into our hotel.

so very spoilt, and ever so well looked after!

the room i'd booked had access to the executive lounge (sometimes not reading the fine print has perks ha!) which had snacks, CHEESE and wine in the evenings. we made sure to take full advantage ha ha!

and yes, you'd better believe there was knitting getting done on our honeymoon too!

our stay in brisbane coincided with the release of the new Star Wars film...

we were at the midnight screening. and i managed to only snooze once ha ha!

after catching a few z's before check out, we jumped back onto a plane, heading to cairns, where upon disembarking, we grabbed a hire car and cruised down to mission beach. we found some accommodation there for the night, and in the morning, jumped onto a water taxi to our abode for the next five nights...

bedarra island.

what a spectacular place! beautiful scenery as well as amazing service, and the food... so delicious!

we spent so much time relaxing, which was just what the doctor ordered after a busy year of work, oh and that wedding thing too ha ha.

we also made good friends with the wildlife. skinks and geckos everywhere! though these skinks were a little bigger than the ones i normally come across back home ha ha.

every walk along every path was punctuated with sounds of these little guys running away from you through the scrub. a little terrifying to be honest!

oh and the food!! it was divine! and the best part was not having to make any decisions about what to cook ha ha!
three meals a day, planned out, cooked, served and cleared. heaven!

there was also one lunch we were lucky enough to have packed up, along with some towels and snorkeling gear, to take along with us to a completely different island. all to ourselves! so lucky!

we also splashed out on a helicopter ride transfer, from the island, back to cairns airport.

what a way to travel!
the pilot was super friendly and knowledgable and talked us through everything as we were flying around.

hope you've gotten to the end of this supremely photo heavy post! once I get home, and have access to my laptop, i'll try and write up a little post about our wedding too. working backwards ha ha!

have you ever been on a helicopter? what has been your favourite holiday ever?


Betsy said...

It looks like an absolutely wonderfully memorable trip! Not too many pictures. Never too many pictures! I loved each and everyone. I especially like that you took your knitting along! Ha ha! Yes I've been on a helicopter, flying around the island of Hawaii over the volcanoes. It was an amazing experience. I'm looking forward to reading about the wedding next.
Blessings, Betsy

benilhalk said...

I loved watching your honeymoon trip photos. They look amazing. We are also making list of popular Spanish venues for our honeymoon. We will have a destination wedding very soon and will leave for honeymoon trip on next day.