Friday, February 12, 2016

day twelve - patience.

today, all of my knitting time has been spent being patient...

when i cast on my current knitting project, i read up on the process of a provisional cast on, as the pattern suggested. i read from a few different sources, that it was a good idea to use a needle a few sizes bigger than recommended, or double up your needles to make sure the stitches were big enough to pick up again to continue knitting with.
being that it was the first time i was using a provisional cast on, i wholeheartedly trusted that advice, which resulted in this...

shoulder seam on alcomar blouse, very obvious and visible thanks to tension issues with provisional cast on

now this is no-ones fault, bar my own. not understanding quite how the cast on worked, or that the instructions would be most likely recommended for woolly yarns... something with a little spring, and a bit more forgiving than the cotton/linen blend i was working with...

anywho, i powered through my knitting, knowing full well that once the neckline was picked up and knit on, i'd have this tedious little task to work through.

shoulder seam on alcomar blouse, after fixing tension error from provisional cast on

several hours of work, painstakingly pulling up the loose tension between the stitches to firm them and make them look right!

as tedious as it seemed, it was really nothing compared to the hours of knitting i'd put into the garment to get the body done... definitely a worthwhile few hours when it will go towards a garment i'll wear and cherish for many summers to come!

finishing garments is always something i've rushed in the past, but it's something i have a huge amount of patience for in recent times. why go to all the effort of the knitting, only to make it look thrown together with haphazard finishing?
always worth a little extra time for sure.

how are you at finishing projects?

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