Saturday, February 13, 2016

day thirteen - more green love.

and now, for the back yard.

i showed a wee bit of this little corn patch the other day, but here's a bit clearer look...

smallpatch of corn, contained by pine edging

i made up this bed pre-wedding, with the hope that the corn would look a little like this on the big day... it obviously didn't, but that didn't matter much ha ha!
hopefully, if i keep the love up to it, we'll get some corn sometime soon!

this zucchini plant is proving it's quite happy in this spot.

zucchini plant growing with abandon, taking over the neighbouring chilli plant

it's taken over the chilli plant next door, and is sporting a couple of wee babies too!

and it looks like we're not far off getting another wave of raspberries! i think this will be about the third or fourth of the season.

raspberry blossom, with the beginnings of berries

how spoilt we are!
there's never quite enough to do anything with, other than snack on while i'm watering, but i'm quite grateful all the same. store bought ones just don't quite taste as sweet...

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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Even if you only get a little, it's nice knowing you grew it yourself. My cousin's zucchini plant would make so much that she was giving some away every day and still couldn't find enough ways to use it at home. Ha! The neighbors had a zucchini tasting party one night where they cooked it up in many different ways. Fun!