Monday, February 8, 2016

day eight - bloggy birthday.

today my blog is seven years old. SEVEN!
who could believe it!

i don't have any cake to celebrate...

fresh banana bread, topped with walnuts, baked from 'melbourne epicure' recipe, still in the 'anna gare' loaf pan

though i did start my day with a slice of this banana cake i baked up a few weeks ago. fished out of the freezer of course...

after getting back from new zealand last night, i've had an awesome nights sleep in my own bed, managed to get a gazillion loads of washing done, cleaned the heck out of my fridge and toilet and cooked a whole bunch of food.

it's good to be home!

what's your favourite part of being at home? have you been reading my wee blog for long? have you made this banana bread before? it's my go-to and absolute fave!