Monday, January 26, 2015

meal planning monday.

oof, monday again!
i am trying to get over the fact that there's less than a week left of january, but i can't! slow down please 2015!
anywho, best get on with this meal planning lark...

tonight, we're eating a nice roast dinner. we've got a bit of pork in the fridge, ready to be slow cooked in the oven for a pretty good portion of the day. can not wait.

tomorrow night, we'll be munching on some bolognaise bb put together yesterday while we were both off work. i'll cook some pasta when i get home and reheat the sauce. dead easy.

for wednesday night, teriyaki pork with some noodles should do the trick.

thursday, i'll grab some lamb chops from the butcher on the way home from work and serve them up with some vegies. classic and simple.

friday night, i'll finally put on that osso bucco i wanted to last week. hopefully.

saturday, imma leave bb in charge of dinner, as i'll be working. maybe we can finally go and see the hobbit movie? and grab something for dinner while we are out of course!

and sunday? i'm hoping to get a bit of a cook up happening, so that we'll have lunches sorted for the week, i'm thinking perhaps a curry, or some kind of pasta dish. that'll probably be dinner for the night too ha ha!

what are you eating this week? do you batch cook for lunches too? have you seen the new hobbit movie yet?


Michelle said...

I desperately need to do a cook up for the freezer but I need to a)clean the freezer out which I just don't like doing AT ALL and b) find a day that isn't hotter than hades and therefore impossible to use the kitchen.

I do love the look of that chorizo pasta! Yum!

Reanna Clark said...

Ahhh yes, I have so many feelings about the Hobbit movie. Good/bad/angst/tears and everything in between! I am dying to make meal plans again: it is the biggest downside about traveling. I never know what I will be eating next!