Sunday, January 11, 2015

sunday snippets.

playing along with {tinniegirl} and her sunday snippets.

a few pictures, and some words, summing up the week that just was.

this has been my staple lunch almost every day this week...

a bowl of spinach leaves, some tomato, cucumber, maybe some carrot and a WHOLE lotta goat's cheese. so delicious!

i've made a start on one of my goals for this month...

i'm trying to grow a kombucha mother, so that i can brew my own. it's something i've been reading up on for a little while, and, well, i'm doing it!
it definitely won't be a goal i'll get finished in this month, as it can take up to a month to grow the mother (or scoby as it's also called), and then the fermentation process for a batch takes another couple of weeks... i'll get there though!

sampson has been helping me with my knitting.

or helping me to not knit...

and i bought myself something lovely online which arrived in my postbox on thursday...

i do love brown paper packages, tied up with string.

particularly when they contain...

beautiful vintage dresses! sophie is having a wee instagram de-stash over at her retro adventures. be sure to check it out if you love anything vintage.

how has your week been? do you drink kombucha? what's your favourite thing to have in a salad?

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