Monday, January 5, 2015

meal planning monday.

first meal plan for 2015!
i've missed having a meal plan the last few weeks... can't wait to get back into it today!

tonight, i'll grab some lamb chops from the butcher in my lunch break, and serve them up with a big heap of salad. perfect summer dinner!

tomorrow night, i think a frittata will do the trick. again, with a big heap of salad.

wednesday night, i'm back at ncb! looking forward to catching up with some lovely ladies and grabbing something yummy for dinner.

thursday night, i'll put together some baked fish parcels with some asian greens. quick, easy and delicious!

friday night, i'm working late, but before i head off, i'll throw together some haloumi patties. i can take some to work with me that way, and bb can fry some off when he gets home.

saturday night, i'm hoping to catch up with some friends who we haven't seen in an age. can not wait!

and sunday night, maybe a roast chicken? there's one in the freezer, and i'm on a bit of a mission to clear that out at the moment... should be delicious!

what are you eating this week? what's your favourite summer meal?

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