Wednesday, January 21, 2015

green love.

i am absolutely loving getting my little jobs done around the garden every day (well most days anyway...).
it's keeping everything looking nice and tidy, but there's never any shortage of little things to do!

these little bright things on my front steps never fail to put a smile on my face.
i inherited this boot pot, and another from my late grandmother and they are SO awesome and always remind me of her.

a friend gifted me over half a punnet of spring onions early last week.

and i planted them out in a pot i had ready to go in my backyard. spring onions galore are just around the corner!

the bird netting i've been keeping over this bed is doing wonderous things!

the tomato plants AND the poor bedraggled chilli plant are looking heaps bigger and happier. touch wood they stay that way!

the rose in my front yard never fails to amaze me.

most years, it puts on a pretty good display of blooms, but this year, it seems to be going from strength to strength. SO much new growth.
might be the fact that i'm actually taking the time to give it a good water every other day... funny that!

how are your tomatoes going? have you grown spring onions before? how often do you water your roses?

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The Thrifty Fox said...

Your garden is looking quite lush! Our tomatoes have gone a bit rogue despite our attempts to tame them. They are just getting into the swing of ripening fruit production! I love spring I plant a bunch every three weeks or so. Constant garnish. I planted my first rose this year and water it daily due to the super hot weather...going great so far. Can't wait til it begins to bloom.