Tuesday, January 20, 2015

the fabric stash.

after the awesome little sewing session i had with some lovely ladies on saturday, i was feeling all sorts of inspired. and a little confused.
you see, i took along my entire fabric stash to the sewalong, and found that i had WAY more fabric than i'd first thought. and not just little scrappy bits, but nice sized, completely usable lengths!
naturally, i pulled it all out when i got home, so that i could make PLANS for it!
are you ready?

first up, garments!

these three lengths will definitely be made into dresses.
the purple flower print in front, i bought at the same time as i bought the fabric for this project, thinking i would make two of the lisette dresses, but i never did! time to change that i think!
the graphic pink and brown number, i'm also hoping to make up into a lisette dress. it's SO easy. particularly as i've already made one!
the heart print, i'm picturing it in a more structured dress though... it might take me a little longer to get to that though i think, as i will most definitely need help ha ha!
big thanks to my lovely bestie for the pink and brown print, and the hearts too. she couldn't see herself wearing them anymore, but they look perfect to me!

i bought this flannelette AGES ago, intending to make bb some pj pants... never quite got around to them though. they'd make the perfect valentine's gift though. must get sewing them soon as february will be a CRAZY busy month for me with work!

these two prints, i want to make into more wiksten tanks! i made my first one on the weekend, and i LOVE it! and i loved the process of making it too. simple, straightforward and easy.

and now, the rest!

these florally scraps will be going into my hexie blanket. haven't touched it since i did a whole heap of stitching on it last february. i should definitely get back to it and get some more done...

i'm wanting to make these little panels into cushions. i think they'd work perfectly!

and this pile? well i'm hoping to make a rag rug out of these bits and pieces. we'll see how that goes i guess?

do you have any sewing plans? have you made a rag rug? are you a garment sewer?


kgirlknits said...

so much beautiful fabric! Definitely needs to be sewn up in to gorgeous things, stat :)

Karen said...

You've got great plans sorted. I hope you get to them!