Wednesday, January 28, 2015

green love.

this week could be called the flower edition. there's lots of pretties around my garden at the moment.

part of me wants to plant a whole heap more roses here, but another part of me knows that i might not be here to see them grow up and bloom. the fun part of renting, i guess.
luckily past me had the foresight to plant this beauty though. yellow loooooove.

now, this is really a little plant that keeps on giving.

i'm pretty sure i bought it reduced, most likely very unhappy... and i've planted it in probably the most inhospitable part of my yard, where i've always had trouble growing stuff...
but it just keeps growing and flowering. such happy blooms too.

and i love the delicate pink of these beauties.

they look so precious. and i like that they're pink. supposedly they were supposed to be yellow.

and for a distinct lack of flowers...

my tomato plants are all getting bigger, but no flowers in sight. despite my best efforts with my early seed planting, i think it'll be another late crop this year, if any!
oh well. all part of the learning experience.

and no flowers expected here any time soon...

a pineapple update for my cousin. it's getting biiiiiiiiiiger!

what's growing in your patch at the moment? much flowering? how are you tomatoes doing?

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